Privacy Policy

Breathe is created with privacy in mind. We strive to deliver the best experience personalized for you while taking into consideration and protecting your privacy. This privacy policy applies to our Breathe - New Tab experience browser extension, our website ( and any subdomains of

All information required from the user is stored in his browser/computer. It never leaves your computer for any reason what so ever. We don't even use analytics to track how/what you do in your browser!

What information do we store/access on your computer?

We ask for several permissions before installing the extension. You can see this in the small popup window that appears when installing our extension from the Google Web Store. Please note that these permissions are all well defined, registered and visible in the Chrome Web Store. Below is an explanation why do we need that information:

storageWe use the browser storage to save user specific data such as name, location (inputed by the user), todos, selected theme, blacklisted websites (used for focus feature).*We use OpenWeatherMap API to fetch current weather (and forecast) information for user inputed location.
bookmarksWe request read & write bookmarks access to read & store bookmark items (saved websites) in the bottom bookmark panel. These items are synced between computers that have the same user account.
historyWe require latest browser history to check against user blacklist for the last sites the user has visited. We then use this data to extrapolate and generate the focus meter score (0 to 100%) and generate the chart preset in the left corner. We do not track your browsing history!
identityIdentity permission is required in order to successfully connect with the user Google Calendar. We use the user token to (only) read calendar data.
What are my rights in relation to my data?

By using Breathe - New Tab experience, you may exercise the following rights:

Refuse to provide your personal data

The data you provide in the initial settings modal is completly voluntary. If you choose to skip and don't fill this data (name, location, theme) the extension will still function but to a limit.

Access and modify your data

By using the Breathe settings panel, you can access and modify your own data to your liking. By using this settings panel you can modify your name, location, theme, websites in blacklist and search option. Additionally you can modify your bookmark panel (bottom) and todo list (top right corner).

Remove your data

To remove your data simply uninstall the Breathe - New Tab experience extension from your browser. All data related to the extenion including your name, location, search preference, blacklisted websites and todos will be removed. However, your bookmarks will still remain under the Breathe Folder in your "Other Bookmarks" folder.

Submit a complaint

If you have any compaints about the way your data is handled within our application, please feel free to contact us. After receiving your complaint we will investigate it further and provide you with our responce as soon as possible.

Will the Breathe privacy policy change?

Breathe may change its Privacy Policy from time to time and at Breath's sole discretion. We encourage visitors to frequently check this page for any changes to its Privacy Policy. Your continued use of this site after any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such change.

If you have any questions about the Breathe Privacy Policy feel free to contact us

Last updated: 21 December 2020